About Asia Pacific Carriers’ Coalition

The Asia Pacific Carriers’ Coalition was formed in 2004 to promote and assist in the development of open market policies and telecommunications regulatory frameworks in the Asia Pacific region.

APCC provides a point of industry contact with Governments and National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), including through participation in public inquiries and consultations. We are committed to participating meaningfully in national policy discussions, regulatory processes and other forms of industry discourse.

Our membership is drawn from the major global and regional telecommunications carriers operating in the Asia Pacific; and our association provides a forum for members to identify and examine regional matters of common interest affecting the industry and regulatory practice.

Our objectives are:

  • the support, promotion and development of open-market policies and regulatory communications frameworks in the Asia Pacific region;
  • to provide a forum for telecommunications carriers, operators and service providers to identify, examine and discuss matters of common interest affecting the communications industry and regulatory practices in the Asia Pacific region;
  • to collate, publish and/or distribute information, statistics and other data and materials regarding the telecommunications industry and/or regulation of the telecommunications industry to Members and other interested parties;
  • to establish a means of contact with government authorities for the enhancement of the objects of the Society; and
  • to cooperate with other bodies, societies and associations in the Asia Pacific region for the promotion of the objects of the society.

More information about membership can be found in the Membership section of this site.